It might be fitting that Rose's first memory is of being very small and not yet crawling, blessed with the advantage of having a very young and hip mother in the blossoming glam movement of the early 1970's whose record collection was a vast source of fascination for the tot; that first memory being of gaping in awe at the cover of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs and singing along in toddler pitch.

The developing singer seemed to have unabashed vocal power at a very young age and an unwavering interest in music. She began writing some of her first 'songs' at 13 years old with a small Casio keyboard. An apt English Literature student, she also seemed to be blessed with a natural ability to form prose so fittingly, lyrics quickly became the vessel for much of the apathy and angst endured for being an outcast in a small town; music a necessary escape from daily bullying and an unsettled home life.

Rose auditioned for what would be her first endeavor as a front woman in April of 1989 and was immediately brought on board as the lead singer. Rebellion, despair, heartache, and a restless nature wove their way into what would become the songs that paved much of the next decade of her life as she gained more stage time and recording experience. The self taught vocalist/sometimes keyboardist had a range, power, tone, style, and a natural stage presence that won her fans.

The restlessness in her proved to be a beast too difficult to tame and she left the band in 1999, beginning her first solo project, Dracula's Daughter. Her solo debut was to a sold out house on the bill with Switchblade Symphony and Razed in Black but the glory was short lived due to increasing turmoil in her personal life. Not wanting to be too far from home, she left the smaller town mentality of Dayton, Ohio for a city that had a growing gothic scene (much to the surprise of many); Nashville, Tennessee. The gypsy spirit came calling again shortly after, however, so in 2001, she took the giant leap to the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. Within a few months, she auditioned for and was hired on as the female lead vocalist for an upcoming new band. After playing all of the Sunset Strip, the singer decided she had had enough and left to focus on developing more solo material.

During the break from performing with bands, Rose began Among the Weeds as a solo project that she thought would never go beyond a hobby. As fate would have it, one of her closest friends had been working with Moose and decided it was high time to introduce the two; not wanting to allow Rose to fade into oblivion. The two formed an instant bond and musical synergy took over. The rest is history...

Aside from music, Rose is an avid writer. She has entertained friends with her blogs over the years and intends to have at least one novel added to her credits. She has a strong artistic streak in her and is responsible for the cover art to both frailTINbeauty and Temple of the Machine. She enjoys reading, dancing, spending time with friends, thrift store shopping, and the company of cats. Her vocal influences are Siouxsie Sioux, Elizabeth Frazier, Toni Halliday, Diamanda Galas, Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks and Grace Slick. Some of her favorite bands are IAMX, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Cranes, Curve, Massive Attack, Duran Duran, Portishead and Cocteau Twins.